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Peas with bacon

Peas with bacon

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Peas with bacon recipe of 11-02-2012 [Updated on 15-03-2017]

Peas with pancetta are a side dish that I make very often these days, for sure it's a recipe that you all know, but I post it anyway on the blog, who knows I haven't given you an idea for tonight's side dish :) you can prepare this dish with canned peas or with frozen or fresh ones, then adjust the cooking according to the peas you have chosen to use, I put some peas already boiled. The frost persists and since we are plugged in the house, I go to prepare some new recipe to dispose of the vegetables in elisa's broth and the apples and pears that she cordially refuses to eat, yes, I found something she still doesn't like :) happy saturday and good food!


How to make peas with bacon

Peel the onion, cut it into an icing and brown it in a large pan with the oil.

Now add the diced bacon and brown it for a few minutes.

Add the peas.

Add a ladle of water from the peas if you have used the canned ones already boiled or broth if they are fresh or frozen and cook over low heat for about twenty minutes with a lid. Salt the peas and add the pepper.

Serve the peas with the bacon as a side dish

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