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Marinated zucchini

Marinated zucchini

Marinated zucchini recipe of of 29-06-2013 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

Marinated courgettes are a classic summer side dish, for sure you all already know how to make them, but since I like them a lot and that I have added pine nuts to give them an extra touch, I will post the recipe anyway. At my house in this period courgettes and aubergines are never lacking, as soon as I have half an hour, I grill them, season them and keep them in the fridge covered with cling film for a couple of days so as to have a side dish always ready, when I return to home late, just a platter with cold cuts and cheeses, two marinated courgettes and dinner is served :)


How to make marinated zucchini

Peel the zucchini then cut into longitudinal slices of about 3 mm thick

Grill the courgettes on a griddle in a couple of minutes per side

Put on a plate and let cool
Prepare a marinade with garlic, pepper, salt, mint and oil

Pour over the courgettes, add a sprinkle of vinegar, mix and cook for 30 minutes
Toast the pine nuts in a pan then add to the marinated courgettes and serve

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