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Boiled chestnuts

Boiled chestnuts

Boiled chestnuts recipe of 14-10-2016 [Updated on 07-03-2017]

The boiled chestnuts they are such a simple preparation, so greedy, Elisa and I love them. You can enjoy them plain, perhaps after dinner, watching TV comfortably on the sofa, as the starlet and I do during the autumn evenings, or you can also use them as a base to prepare other recipes, both sweet and savory. I admit that this preparation has only been in my house for about a year, in fact before we only prepared them baked, but this is much more convenient because once the fruits are peeled, they keep soft for several days. While waiting for me to tell you how I used part of the boiled chestnuts, I leave you with a guide I made last year, in which I suggested various ways to cook chestnuts. See you soon, kisses: *


How to make boiled chestnuts

After washing the chestnuts, place them in a high-sided pot and cover with cold water.
Add salt and thyme and cook for about 40 minutes if it is medium sized chestnuts, otherwise you will have to continue cooking for up to an hour.

As soon as they are cooked, drain and wrap them in a cloth.

Make a cut on the tip, then remove the shell and their skin when they are still hot, it will be easier.

Your chestnuts are ready to be eaten on their own, or used for cakes, desserts, first and second courses.

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