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Brandy Snaps with goji and fir syrup

Brandy Snaps with goji and fir syrup

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1. Preheat the oven to 180-190 ° C.

2. Mix the flour with the goji powder (I ground the dried goji berries with a coffee grinder).

3. In a bowl, melt the butter over low heat.

4. Mix the syrup with the sugar and incorporate it into the warm butter and turn. Sugar does not have to dissolve completely !!!

5. Incorporate the wet ingredients into the dry ones.

6. In a tray lined with baking paper, form circles with a diameter of 8-10 cm with a spoonful of composition or spirit. CAREFUL!!! make circles at a great distance from each other. I did not follow this step and they stuck: ">

7. Put the tray in the oven for 10 minutes, or until holes form on the surface and brown a little (I left the last biscuits more because I had the job and they "browned" a bit hard :))

8. Remove the tray from the oven and leave to cool for 2-3 minutes. Then put each disk on a rolling pin, roll and leave for 4-5 minutes to cool. After they have cooled, we can remove them from the twister.

How birch sap is collected and how it helps health

Birch sap is one of the blessings of the forest, spring.

  1. Birch sap is sweet due to its fructose content - unlike maple syrup, which contains sucrose (and is sweeter). However, the sweetness of birch sap is more refreshing, finer.
  2. For a more intense taste, the juice can be reduced (by fever over low heat) until it acquires a golden brown color and becomes syrup.
  3. It can be used for both gastronomic and therapeutic purposes.

When and how to harvest

  1. Birch sap is harvested in the second half of March, before the trees start growing and the buds swell. The exact time differs from year to year, depending on the heating time.
  2. At about 50 cm above the ground, a hole 0.5-1.0 cm in diameter and 3-4 cm deep is made with a drill.
  3. A collection pipe of the same diameter is inserted in the hole or typical solutions can be used to join the flexible pipes (see also in the pictures). It is important to obtain the best possible seal between the hole and the collection pipe.
  4. The other end of the pipe is placed in a collection vessel.
  5. All you have to do is be impressed by the large volume of the harvest!
  6. The collection period lasts about a month.
  7. Important! At the end of the collection, hit a plug in the remaining hole by withdrawing the pipe, to stop the sap leakage, prevent the tree from getting sick and promote healing. (Inserting a piece of branch with the same diameter is enough.) The procedure of extracting the sap from the birch trees does not harm their health.

How to store birch sap

  1. When fresh, a person can consume up to 1 liter per day in 3 installments.
  2. Stored in the refrigerator, freshly harvested juice begins to ferment after 3-5 days, but can still be consumed until the taste becomes unpleasant.
  3. For longer storage, the juice should be pasteurized and then poured into sterile, airtight containers.
  4. If the juice is reduced to the syrup stage (it is shown above how) and the syrup is poured into sterilized bottles then in the oven or bain-marie (as is done with jam and other preserves), lasts a long time. This destroys some of the vitamin C, but the other principles remain intact.

Birch sap is a pure drink, rich in minerals, "made" of birch.
Birch sap has many therapeutic uses, including:


- 250ml-500ml fruit / vegetable / vegetable juice, & icircn to which you can add superfoods (seaweed powders, mushrooms, pollen, etc.)
- zucchini, carrots, celery, beets, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, potatoes, cucumbers, etc.
- leaves of all kinds: spinach, coriander, nettle, wolfberry, parsley, celery, celery, carrots, mint, rosemary, sorrel, wheatgrass, red and white clover, alfalfa, dandelion, stevia, dill, larch, spruce , bok choy, kale etc.
Obs. You can mix any kind of vegetables, fruits, leaves with the juice. For a good taste, you can use apple, lemon & acircia and whatever you like as a base for vegetable juice, and apple, pineapple, melon, etc. for leaf juice.
The juice is eaten, that is, it is taken only by mouth, it is not drunk like water.
- if you don't have enough juice, a fruit salad (bananas, apples, pears, pomegranates, apricots, peaches, sharon-persimmons, cherries, cherries, mangoes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, black and red currants, chokeberry, grapes, goji, etc.) with seeds, seeds, nuts (1-4 tablespoons), microplants, etc.
- or a vegetable salad (lettuce, onions, tomatoes, garlic, leeks, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc.) with:
- cold pressed oil from: hemp, flax, blackberry, wheat germ, avocado, pumpkin, walnut, grape seed, coconut, etc.
- lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
- seeds, seeds, raw nuts: apple, pear, bitter apricot, ground, sesame, black sesame, black cumin, sunflower, pumpkin, chia, psyllium, c & acircnepa, rum & acircneşti nuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts , Brazilian nuts, etc. they can be eaten as they are, ground or hydrated for a few hours. ATTENTION: flax will only grind in the amount to be consumed for 1-2 days because flax flour oxidizes very quickly and loses its properties.
- spices, aromatic herbs
- Kalamata olives
- microplants: radishes, alfalfa, wheat, fenugreek, cabbage, chia, beets, broccoli, etc.
- inactive yeast flakes
- raw mushrooms
- br & acircnză tofu
- Himalayan salt, sea salt never, salt rock never
- or raw chia caviar / raw pate from seeds, leaves and spices on a slice of pepper or raw mushroom, raw chia pudding with fruit or vegetable milk and / or honey, other raw mackerel, etc.
- fruits and seeds, nuts, raw nuts & honey between tables with seeds, nuts, nuts raw cakes, if you feel the need
- brisk movement & ndash 2-3 km

Pr & acircnz:
- 250 ml-500ml fruit / vegetable / greens juice
- if you are not tired of the juice, a salad (as above)
- or / and a raw vegetable soup (use water / tomato juice / unpasteurized borscht / lemon & icing / cabbage or walnut milk as a base) & ndash can be eaten every day. Once a week, if you feel the need, you can boil a vegetable soup, which you can use, as desired, sm & acircnt & acircna of nuts, vegetable milk.
- or boiled vegetable soup
- or other raw or cooked meat: raw sarmale (with soaked buckwheat and sunflower seeds), avocado paste, raw spaghetti from zucchini or cucumber, etc., polenta with: sauerkraut, mujdei, mushrooms, quinoa, mushrooms black beans, beans, chickpeas, peas, baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, boiled, grilled, amaranth, etc. (fasting)
- brisk movement 2-3 km
- fruits and seeds, nuts, raw nuts & honey between meals with seeds, nuts, nuts raw cakes, if you feel the need.

In the evening (no later than 18-19):
- 250 ml & ndash 500ml vegetable juice
- if necessary, a simple salad (without seeds, seeds, nuts) or another mixture of vegetables, cereals and whole grains, chia pudding, etc.
- the room is ventilated
- an easy walk
- sleeping around 21-22.

- water, teas, green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, microplants, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, herbs, yeast flakes, algae and superfoods (pollen, pasture, spirulina, chlorella, chaga, ashwagandha, aloe, reishi , shiitake maitake, kale, kelp, maca, etc.), legumes, whole grains and pseudocereals.
- sitting in the sun, not the beach, walking barefoot on the ground, gravel, through the grass in the morning on the dew and even in the winter in the snow, for a few minutes.
- fasting (only with water) & ndash one day a week & acircnă, which allows the body to activate the genes responsible for regeneration and healing in the body.

- meat, fish, dairy products (milk, curd, cheese, yoghurt, etc.), eggs, cold cuts, commercial juices (other than raw), sweets, preserves, sugar, white flour, margarine, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, p & acircine (& icircn except for the seeds only, dried at 40 degrees C.), any other & icircndulcii & icircn except honey and stevia, food vinegar, iodized salt (only occasionally), energizers, sachets, ketch-up, candied fruit (have sugar), non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks (contain aspartame, which is neurotoxic), Vegeta or other vegetable mixtures and other products containing sodium monoglutamate, flavor enhancers, flavors, colorings, preservatives, , corn syrup, glucose, fructose, saccharin, chewing gum, chemicals used in the home and garden, including mothballs, sedentary lifestyle and bed rest, victimization, negative feelings (acidifies the body), air conditioning, bedtime.

General recommendations
- Use anti-inflammatory foods: green leafy vegetables, Chinese cabbage (bok choy) & ndash contains 70 antioxidants, celery, celery seeds (potassium, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that balance and are anti-inflammatory, contains sodium & ndash brings nutrients and potassium toxin & ndash ), beets & ndash contains a lot of magnesium, broccoli & ndash a lot of potassium and magnesium, currants & ndash quercetin, pineapple & ndash bromelain = digestive enzyme, omega 3 (vegetable containing omega 3) & ndash spirulina, chlorella, flax, chia, c & acircnepa etc., nuts omega 3, magnesium), coconut oil = antifungal, antibacterial, chia, flaxseed, turmeric, ginger, blueberries, oatmeal, red pepper, black beans, cold pressed oil, tomatoes, spinach, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, garlic, apples, rosemary, miso, berries and legumes, mushrooms, spices (cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, etc.), teas. Cereals and pseudocereals that do not naturally contain gluten are: oats, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, tapioca, etc.
- Eliminate inflammatory foods: sugar, gluten & ndash white wheat flour & ndash p & acircine, gr & acircu pasta, puff pastry, pretzels, pizza, breakfast cereals, pastries etc., refined oil: mayonnaise, salad dressings, p & acircine, french fries, etc. : fried chicken, potatoes, fish sticks etc., dairy, & artificial sweeteners: saccharin, aspartame (gum, juices without sugar-zero cola etc., sorbitol, maltitol etc), food additives: breakfast cereals, processed food containing & ldquofruits & rdquo; sweets, ice cream, etc., saturated fats: burger, pizza, sweets, chips, margarine, meat of any kind with hormones, antibiotics, concentrates, genetically modified soy or corn & ndash on the World Health Organization's list of probable carcinogens severe, cancer, we do not recommend the consumption of animal products for 7 years), processed meat: sausages, ham, sausages, sausages, etc. dried, smoked, pasteurized, fried at high temperatures have sodium monoglutamate additives & ndash on the World Health Organization's list 1 carcinogens, natural & ldquo & rdquo flavors, dyes, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, etc. foods with partially hydrogenated fats: margarine, donuts, salts, muffins, whipped cream, pizza & ice cream, etc., fast food = phthalates = endocrine disrupting chemicals and BPA = the plastic in which the food is packaged increase the reactive protein in the body.

- this list is informative, look for other recipes for raw, raw-vegan, vegan foods. The raw and fasting cuisine is huge and full of flavor.
- This lifestyle balances, cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system, so that it can regenerate and repair what the body needs. It contains all the enzymes, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and macronutrients needed by us, including B12 and iron.
- annually or twice a year, deworm your family with natural products and food: pumpkin seeds and oil, mint, oregano, thyme, tea tree, wormwood, cloves, black walnut, grapefruit, fennel, rhubarb, cinnamon, etc. .

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15. Dr. Eng. Joachim Gr & aumltz & ndash Disease as a healing process and true health Alleged pathogens & ndash the imaginary enemy of allopathic medicine.
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Consult your doctor before making any health decision. This site does not take the place of diagnosis, treatment for any disease, infirmity or physical condition. Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program must involve the acceptance of a certain level of risk by the person concerned, and those who do not want to do so should not do so. People who need medical care should get them from a doctor.
The views, suggestions and references contained in this site are based on my experience and are intended exclusively for individual study and research. The remedies, diets and other information on this site refer to health and vitality, not disease. I'm a nutritionist, not a doctor. If you wish to apply the information contained in this site to yourself, I do not assume any responsibility for the decisions you take, for the actions you take or for the consequences arising therefrom. Take responsibility for yourself. You will be much happier. Educate yourself. For our own good and health, we must know that we are treating the symptoms of diseases in vain, but we must look for and eliminate the cause. No one in this world knows our body and feelings better than we do, and healing starts from within, not from without.
Oana Buciuman - nutrition technician

After planting, an explosion of color

The first and most important step in your approach is to buy Zantedeschia tubers. Online seed and seedling stores are waiting for you.

After removing the tubers from the package, look for a dry, airy place to keep them for a few days. This process is beneficial for them because they will dry out and become more resistant to planting.

Now that the time has come, plant the tubers about 5 cm deep. Be sure to position the sharp part of the tubers or the green one on top. The tubers bloom for a maximum of 90 days.

You should know that the option of planting tubers is rather recommended for planting the path & icircn garden.

The much simpler option for the apartment is to buy directly from the profile stores an already flowered hold, in pots. This is an impressive gift for friends who are passionate about flowers.

Position the hold in an illuminated space, but make sure that the light to which you expose it is not direct or excessive. Then your hold will not last.

See at PLAFAR, Radu Beller

On Radu Beller Street, at number 6
the 26th store in the PLAFAR chain and the place quickly became too small for the loyal customers of the PLAFAR brand. And that's because PLAFAR RETAIL has accustomed customers with a very high standard of product quality (many of them exclusive) and services.

The atmosphere was warmed by Mihai Morar, who surprised the many personalities present (Dr Ovidiu Bojor, Mioara and Oana Roman, Anca Turcasiu, Livia Dila, Dana Savuica, Irina Corduneanu, Oana Ionita & bdquoBelbelusha & rdquo; Florentina Opris, Thea Heimovitz, Deea Buzdugan, Dana Argesan V , Cornel Ilie, Irinel Columbeanu, Iuliana Marciuc and Adrian Enache, Corina Danila, Antonia, Massimiliano) with poems and awards from PLAFAR dedicated to those of them concerned with health, beauty and nutrition.

Mihai Morar had, for handing out the prizes, a special assistance in person Roxana Iliescu and a unique moment: the meeting, after years of "cold war", with Adrian Enache. Inspired by the 100% healthy atmosphere in PLAFAR, the two shook hands and made peace.

The gentleman's speech was also emotional Sorin Mierlea, President Of the National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Romanian Programs and Strategies. & bdquoI am very pleased to announce the opening in this new PLAFAR store of a consumer education and information center, as a result of the project A 9 attitude which we carry out together with PLAFAR. I am happy that I started on this path but I am sad that at this moment, even those who come to the shops with natural products do not totally adopt a healthy lifestyle. I notice tonight that the ashtrays outside are full of cysts and unfortunately, most have traces of lipstick on them & # 8230But I am convinced that, with our help, this will change soon. & Rdquo

The ribbon was cut by Luana Aries, Administrator PLAFAR Retail, itself a promoter of a healthy life, both for her and for the baby she is going to give birth in less than two months: & bdquoYear a year, hundreds of thousands of Romanians choose natural, choose BIO products, they feed and take good care of themselves. Thanks to such customers, PLAFAR has become not just a store, but a lifestyle, a sensory experience, an infusion of healthy living, with the most avant-garde natural products from around the world & rdquo.

After cutting the unique PLAFAR ribbon, our partners from Al Wady, the best Lebanese restaurant chain in Bucharest offered the guests a spectacular dinner, one hundred percent natural, healthy and dietary.

In fact, a new Al Wady restaurant will soon open on Calea Dorobanti no. 18, near the British Council.

Some details about PLAFAR

■ We currently operate 26 stores in Bucharest and in the country, and next month another 4 PLAFAR stores will open.
■ Our portfolio contains various categories of products: organic and natural food supplements, organic and natural cosmetics, organic food products, teas, books, aromatherapy, etc.

The products present exclusively in PLAFAR stores and highly appreciated by the stars present at the event are:

  • Bema Cosmetics (BIO Italy Cosmetics)
  • Goji Premium (the secret of Tibetan youth)
  • Pranarom (BIO cosmetics)
  • Gold Nutrition (premium supplements for athletes)
  • Promopharma (Bach flowers and wellness food supplements - Echinacea, weight loss, drainage)
  • Purasana (BIO food supplements)
  • Dr. Organic (cosmetics with organic, bioactive ingredients)
  • Biocyte (nutricosmetics)
  • Bioking (BIO food)
  • Tomorrow Nature (BIO cosmetics)
  • Only Natural (teas)
  • Basket of the Senses (natural cosmetics France)
  • Nature & rsquos (Italy cosmetics with bio active ingredients)

■ Our portfolio is constantly updated with international brands, exclusive on the Romanian market, present only in stores owned by Plafar Retail SRL.
■ The sales department is up to date with the latest information and products in the field by participating in numerous international fairs.
■ The products are presented by categories and by ailments, using modern merchandising techniques, so that the customer can easily orient himself in the store. staff
is present in the sales room and offers detailed explanations about the advantages and usefulness of each product.

RETAIL PLAFAR has been editing for three years Plafar Magazine in order to inform the public about the natural lifestyle, about organic, ecological products, about a healthy diet.

10 Old-fashioned treatments and cures for coughs and sore throats

Most of us have had to deal with coughs and aches and pains, either from periods of flu and cold, or on our own, just to make our lives more difficult. Probably everyone is resorting to certain remedies to help us get through these episodes faster, so we have gathered a good part of them to make them known to everyone.

Honey is effective in treating sore throats because it has antibacterial properties. It can fluidize secretions and reduce inflammation in the g & acirct. It can be consumed as such to instantly soothe the g & acirct, & icircn your favorite tea or you can simply add 2 tablespoons of honey & icircn in a cup of hot water and drink a few times a day. Moreover, it helps you to have a peaceful sleep.

2. Salt water

Our grandparents and mothers were very right when they told us to gargle with salt water. It can soothe our inflammation and keep our mouths clean. The vast majority of homemade recipes recommend a quarter or half a tablespoon of salt to a cup of lukewarm water. Gargle for 1-3 minutes, whenever needed. You can also gargle with baking soda.

3. Chicken soup

Chicken soup is an old remedy for treating colds and relieving sore throats. It is the ideal preparation especially because with the sore throat comes the difficulty in swallowing. Ideally, after the soup should follow a long and restful sleep to allow the body to fight the virus.

Another remedy used by the grandparents is the one with & icircn which are put on the grater 1-2 potatoes, put on a piece of cloth / scarf / t-shirt and put & icircn around the neck. Some recipes recommend sprinkling potatoes with vinegar or alcohol to get the cold out of the g & acirct & rdquo. They were also used for headaches. We also know that our grandmother used to put socks soaked in vinegar diluted with hot water, cover us well, well and put us to sleep, being her treatment for colds and fevers.

Hydration is very important when you have a cold, and not only that, and a hot tea works wonders for irritated throat. Combined with a little honey and lemon juice, it is indispensable in periods of flu and cold.

Among the most common teas used to treat pain & icircn g & acirct we mention chamomile tea, mint, lime, sage, thyme or fir buds. Drink 2-3 cups of sugar daily (or with honey, if you can't stand it otherwise).

To increase the effectiveness of teas and to combat cough, it is recommended to season the teas with a little cinnamon.

Onion tea is never drunk for pleasure, only for need. It is extremely useful when we are dealing with a cough. Boiled alone or with 2-3 walnuts in shell, it is a medicine used by ancestors.

Garlic also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. If it cannot be consumed as such, the food supplement option can be chosen. Another option would be to combine a crushed garlic with honey.

8. Ginger

Ginger tea is another option for treating coughs and inflamed throat. Take a few slices of ginger root and put it in boiled water. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and serve hot. You can also add a little pepper and a few basil leaves.

9. Soda with egg, milk and honey

Nothing is better for those who suffer from pain and difficulty swallowing than this old-fashioned medicine. Rub an egg yolk with honey (or sugar), mix with a cup of warm milk and drink immediately. You will instantly notice an improvement in g & acirct discomfort.

10. Black radish syrup

Black radish syrup can be consumed by both young and old, and is beneficial in case of cough. Simply wash a radish, dig out the core so that the juice can form. Add sugar & icircn notch and leave overnight to allow the juice to form. Take about a teaspoon of the juice formed and drink it 3-4 times a day.

As a final tip: It is advisable to have some humidity in the room, especially during the night. Thus, if you do not have a room humidifier, you can put a cup or bowl of water on the radiator. According to your preferences, you can also drip an essential oil & icircn container, such as, for example, mint or eucalyptus.

If, however, the cough and pain persist for several days, consult a specialist.

Easy-to-follow recipes for making sweets at Thermomix

Desserts can be made entirely at home with Thermomix.

Preparation can begin with grinding grain. Using this function, you will get flour that you can use to prepare the dough.

Furthermore, depending on which dessert you have chosen, you can prepare at Thermomix the sweetness, jam, cheese, cream or icing you need to make a 100% natural, 100% homemade dessert.

Thermomix also helps you make the vanilla sugar you need at home to add more flavor to sweets.

Does it sound complicated? Do not worry. Everything is prepared quickly, without any effort. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the Thermomix and set the necessary functions. The food processor will do all the work.

Follow the steps of the recipes adapted for Thermomix and you will easily get the chosen dessert. It will always turn out delicious and you don't have to worry about kneading or beating the foam eggs.

The recipes are written in such a way that you can prepare any dessert, without having to wash the appliance more than necessary or go back to a previous step. This way you will get as fast and simple as you can your favorite cake, even if you haven't tried it before.

You can prepare ice cream in two minutes, and more complex desserts can be made even in 5 minutes. The hardest part is waiting for desserts that require baking in the oven.

Sugar as a drug and a recipe for digestive biscuits

When it comes to cravings, major problems arise with sweets and snacks. There we give the yam, we have difficulty limiting ourselves to a square, a teaspoon, a slice and so on. We don't control ourselves and then we regret, settling that feeling of guilt that we ate too much of something (apparently) good again. Good taste because the food industry is great at adding chemical compounds to make our heads spin and believe that we really want that dessert and that we want it in large quantities. It is not a matter of will, but we are encouraged by subtle methods to be convinced that it is only a matter of weak will when we cannot refrain.

Sugar is a drug. Point. It acts exactly like a drug on the brain, stimulating the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Worse, fructose in its pure state or with compounds as bad as it (processed fats / oils) inhibits the production of leptin, the hormone responsible for the feeling of satiety. You just don't feel like you've eaten enough and that's why you don't stop. Add to that the chemical compounds that potentiate the flavors (like MSG & # 8211 monosodium glutamate) and you have the perfect combination. Perfect for the food industry and the pharmaceutical / medical industry because once in this game you always want more and it's hard to stop. You end up suffering from insulin resistance, gaining too much weight and from there things take a turn for the worse with all sorts of diseases in the metabolic spectrum (cardiovascular, heart, obesity, diabetes).

When you hear that it is good to have a diet low in carbohydrates, know that you are being told an incomplete truth. I have already explained in this article but I still say it now. Vegetables are carbohydrates. Does this mean that vegetables should be limited in the diet of someone who wants to eat healthy? Fruits are carbohydrates. Sugar also falls into the same category. Just like the pizza counter, donuts, biscuits. Do we put them all in the same pot and openly declare that we need to limit carbohydrates? That would be a big mistake. Legumele și fructele ar trebui să fie baza alimentației noastre, indiferent de ce aport de carbohidrați au la coșul zilnic. Legumele și fructele – alimente integrale, cît mai puțin procesate! Tot ce trece de această sferă și intră la alimente procesate, cu ingrediente la rîndul lor trecute prin tot felul de procese termice, chimice și de orice altă natură, trebuie limitat sau chiar eliminat cu totul din alimentație pentru evitarea neplăcerilor viitoare.

Ce punem în loc, vei întreba. Ei bine, eu nu sunt adepta radicalizării nici în politică, nici în religie și cu atît mai puțin în domeniul alimentației. De aceea am și zis că limitarea este o opțiune. De la limitare este cel mai bine să începi și da, va fi greu și ți se va părea aproape imposibil. Fă un experiment de cîteva zile și observă atent ce se întîmplă. Acum trei zile, luna viitoare cinci și tot așa. Vei realiza în timp ce îți crează dependență și ce nu, astfel încît să faci alegeri mai potrivite în viitor.

Înlocuiește și redu cantitățile de zahăr adăugat. Pentru asta ar trebui să gătești acasă, o activitate pe care ți-o tot bag sub nas de ani de zile pentru că o consider importantă, poate singura cale reală de a ne feri de mîncăruri care fac ravagii prin organism și îl dau peste cap. Căută rețete health-concious. Nu neapărat vegane, deși zona veganismului este una bună de explorat, atîta vreme cît tu îți știi regula cu ingrediente naturale și integrale. Dacă stai un pic să răsfoiești blogurile și uneori cărțile de rețete vegane, vei fi șocat de cît de des dulciurile sunt pline de zahăr sau îndulcitori așa-numiți naturali dar foarte procesați.

Îți spune rețeta 100g de zahăr de palmier? Pun pariu că 60g sunt suficiente. Vezi 15 curmale și 6 linguri de sirop de agave (cum am găsit eu zilele trecute într-o rețetă de la Deliciously Ella, deja o mare personalitate în domeniul nutriției de calitate)? Crede-mă că iese foarte bine dacă folosești doar curmalele și eventual o banană bine coaptă. Promit că revin cu rețeta adaptată de mine, deocamdată nu mai am produsul pentru că s-a nimerit să îl fac într-o zi cu musafiri și toată lumea a mîncat pe rupte și cu exclamații.

Pentru ca ușor-ușor să îți revină papilele gustative la starea lor naturală, în care un fruct este suficient pentru a-ți satisface nevoia de dulce.

Și acum gata cu teoria, să trecem la practică cu o rețetă de biscuiți digestivi, plini de fibre datorită fulgilor de ovăz. Este o rețetă cu care te invit să te joci. De exemplu, eu am folosit zahăr brun nerafinat pentur că am făcut biscuții special pentru Brad și el încă simte nevoia de dulce mai puternic decît mine. Poți reduce cantitatea, cum îți spuneam mai sus, sau poți scoate din schemă zahărul cu totul (o idee excelentă dacă îi faci pentru copii). Pentru a îndulci biscuiții se pot folosi curmale, stafide, prune uscate (caz în care crește și mai mult aportul de fibre) sau alte fructe uscate (atenție, să nu fie fructe confiate și pline de zahăr).

Retete pentru Craciun: Tea Punch cu parfum de sarbatori

Sarbatorile de iarna sunt tot mai aproape: se cumpara cadouri, se fac liste cu dorinte si planuri pentru noul an. Daca te gandesti deja ce bunatati sa pregatesti pentru masa de Craciun, iti venim in ajutor cu cateva retete de bauturi delicioase, usor de preparat, pe baza de ceai si alte licori, care sa-ti umple casa de aroma calda a relaxarii.

Punch cu ceai negru si vin

Ingrediente (4 portii):

  • 350 ml vin rosu
  • 150 ml rom
  • 350 ml ceai negru gata infuzat
  • sucul de la 3 lamai
  • 250 ml suc de portocale proaspat stors
  • 100 g zahar brun
  • 1 baton de scortisoara
  • 3 cuisoare

Amesteca toate ingredientele intr-un recipient si incalzeste-l la foc mic pana aproape de temperatura de fierbere. Toarna bautura in pahare si savureaz-o alaturi de cei dragi.

Punch cu Earl Grey, vin si rom

Ingredients (6 servings):

  • 500 ml of water
  • 40 g miere
  • 30 g zahar brun
  • 2 linguri ghimbir proaspat ras
  • 30 cuisoare
  • 1 pastaie de vanilie maruntita
  • 2 lingurite de ceai Earl Grey
  • 750 ml vin rosu sec
  • 60 ml rom

Pune apa, ghimbirul, cuisoarele si pastraia de vanilie intr-un recipient si fierbe amestecul la foc mediu pentru 5 minute. Ia recipientul de pe foc, pune ceaiul si lasa-l la infuzat 3-4 minute. Adauga zaharul si mierea, apoi toarna vinul si romul. Pentru un aspect vesel si in ton cu atmosfera, decoreaza paharele cu cate un baton de scortisoara.

Punch fructat (nealcoolic)


ingredients (3 portii):

  • 60 g sugar
  • 200 ml water
  • 1 lingurita coaja de portocala rasa
  • 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • 1 baton de scortisoara
  • 60 ml suc de portocale
  • 60 ml suc de mere
  • 2 linguri suc de lamaie
  • 700 ml ceai de fructe gata infuzat
  • felii de portocala si mere pentru decor

Pune intr-un recipient zaharul, apa, coaja rasa de portocala si lamaie si batonul de scortisoara, apoi fierbe-le pentru 5 minute. Adauga sucul de portocale, de mere si de lamaie, apoi ceaiul infuzat. Pune in pahare cateva felii de portocala si de mere.


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    Siropuri de tuse preparate în casă. 15 rețete simple

    Siropul de tuse poate fi preparat acasă, din ingrediente naturale care au calitatea de a calma tusea și durerile în gât.

    Mierea nu poate lipsi din siropul de tuse, ea acționează ca un balsam pentru gât și în plus are și proprietăți antiinflamatoare, antioxidante, antibacteriene și antivirale care ajută organismul să lupte împotriva infecțiilor respiratorii.

    Avantajele siropurilor de tuse naturale:

    • Sunt inofensive şi nu provoacă reacţii adverse
    • Întăresc sistemul imunitar, mai ales în sezonul rece
    • Sunt uşor de preparat, ieftine şi sănătoase
    • Nu au efecte secundare şi nu se întâmplă nimic, în caz de supradozaj

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