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Decorative bread "Cosite"

Decorative bread

1. Sift the flour into the kneading bowl, add salt on the edges, make a small hole in the middle and put the yeast, sugar on top, then the oil and start kneading by adding a little water until we put it all.

2. We don't knead much, just enough to get an elastic and soft dough.

3. Cover with a clean foil and napkin and leave to rise for an hour until it doubles in volume.

4. Turn the dough over on the baking sheet and shape three long cords of approx. 50 cm.

5. We weave them like mowers.

6. Break the ends and straighten the mowers that form a circular arc.

7. Place the baskets on baking paper directly in the bread bowl (I used the round Romanian bowl)

8. From the ends we make a ball of dough that we divide into three smaller strings that we braid again as mowed.

We place them under large mowers.

9. Leave to rise in a warm place, covering the bowl with a napkin.

10. When they have risen to the edge of the bowl, grease them with the milk (warm) mixed with the yolk and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Depending on the oven, if it is not baked yet, reduce the temperature to 180 degrees and leave it for another ten minutes.

Serve with great pleasure after leaving to cool on a grill ...

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